Support Services Department

777 Cypress Avenue, Redding, CA 96001
Telephone (530) 225-4303 / Fax (530) 225-4325

The Support Services Department provides supporting services to all other City departments. The mission of the Support Services Department is " provide high-quality services to its customers -- both internal and external -- in the most economical and efficient manner possible while still maintaining appropriate internal controls."

Support Services Director, Gerard Kersten, leads this department

Support Services Consists of the Following:

Telephone: (530) 224-6090 / Fax (530) 224-6096
20055 Viking Way, Building #1, Redding, CA 96049-6071

This division is responsible for the service and repair of 850 pieces of equipment, varying from chain saws to heavy off-road equipment. We staff two shifts which operate between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., five days per week. Fleet Maintenance continually strives to lower operating costs while improving responsive service to our customers. We are dedicated to ensure that the equipment and vehicles are safe and available for customer's use. Fleet Maintenance is committed to providing technical assistance for equipment specifications, efficient management of the card-lock fuel system, and providing the most effective City contract administration possible.
Division Chief: Les Lacy,

Telephone: (530) 225-4303 / Fax (530) 225-4542

Computers (big and small) specially-designed programs, internet/intranet connectivity, and networks fall into the realm of "Information Technology". This division supports the City in all of these endeavors: maintaining connections, adding productivity tools, programming for PCs and the IBM AS/400 mid-range computers. From Tech Support to Program Support, we're "IT".
Division Chief: Dan Zempel.
Mission Statement

20055 Viking Way - Building #4, Redding, CA 96049-6071
Telephone: (530) 224-6100
Fax (530) 224-6104

This division comprises two sections: Parks Maintenance and Facilities Maintenance.
Facilities maintains City facilities with an approximate total area of 550,000 square feet.
Parks is responsible for maintaining 33 parks, nine sports fields, three boat-ramp facilities, the municipal swimming pool, approximately 20,000 street trees, over 15 miles of walking trails, three tennis courts, and landscapted medians.
Division Chief: Ron Masingale,

Telephone: (530) 225-4138 / Fax (530) 225-4434

The City of Redding procures goods and services through competitive processes. The purpose of the Purchasing Division is to maintain efficient procedures for the acquisition of goods and services and to procure them at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed. Our aim is to help promote a good relationship between business and the City. To obtain additional information, you are invited to email us at:
Division Chief: Elizabeth Peer,


Telephone: (530) 245-7146 / Fax (530) 245-7257

The Reprographics Division is responsible for providing the City with state of the art graphic and mail services. We design documents to be used digitally in computer-enhanced presentations, reproduction of digital color or black and white photocopies, and the design and production of offset printing jobs from black and white through four-color process printing. We also provide support to the users of the 38 digital photocopiers spread throughout the Cities Departments.

Mail Services provides courier services of incoming mail and packages along with inter-department mail to all outlying and internal City Departments.
Division Chief: Marc Partsch,

Support Services
Gerard Kersten



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