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Pamela Mize was elected to serve a four-year term as Redding City Clerk in November 2014. She has been with the City Clerk's Office for more than fifteen years, working as the Business License Specialist, Assistant City Clerk, and Deputy City Clerk.

Pamela is a life-long North State resident and graduate of Yuba College. She is a Certified Revenue Officer and past president of the California Municipal Revenue & Tax Association. The state-wide organization specializes in education related to business licenses. In addition, Ms. Mize is a Certified Municipal Clerk through the International Institute of Municipal Clerks and is currently completing course work to obtain Master Municipal Clerk status.

The City Clerk's Office:

• Prepares and posts City Council, Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA), Housing Authority, and the Redding Municipal Library Board of Trustees agendas;

• Records and indexes minutes of agencies' official proceedings;

• Administers general and special municipal elections;

• Manages compliance with the Political Reform Act as filing official for Statements of Economic Interest and Campaign Statements for City officials;

• Maintains the City's legislative history and official records;

• Publishes ordinances and public notices;

• Maintains the Redding Municipal Code;

• Coordinates logistical requirements for City boards and commission appointments;

• Administers oaths and issues miscellaneous permits;

• Administers the City's Business License program

The Records Management Division of the City Clerk's Office processes and maintains records in accordance with the City-wide Records Retention Schedule.

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Pamela Mize

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