Westside and Mary Lake Trails
The Westside Trail is Redding's only improved dirt trail and provides over four miles of rigorous hiking and mountain biking. Developed along a high ridge in western Redding, these trails provide scenic views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and all of Redding.

A grass roots trails organization, the Trails and Bikeway Council has taken the lead in planning and developing this trail. Construction of the trail has been through a combination of donated labor by volunteers and the California Conservation Corps, with funding from the City of Redding and a private developer. The Bureau of Land Management and the McConnell Foundation have contributed land.

The Mary Lake Trail is a short but scenic companion trail to the Westside Trail. Funded by a grant from the McConnell Foundation, the three-quarters of a mile path encircles a recently renovated man-made lake located in a large west Redding neighborhood. The City and the subdivision developer are working together to connect these two trails.
Westside Trails
  map courtesy of the McConnell Foundation
Marylake Marylake
California Poppies

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