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Born in Willits and raised in Ukiah, California, Gary Cadd attended local schools and worked for the U.S. Postal Service and United Parcel Service following graduation.

In 1977, Gary moved to Anchorage, Alaska, where he contracted with multiple companies as an oil field technician on the North Slope of Alaska. Any and all spare time was spent pursuing his passion of fishing for King, Silver, and Red Salmon on the Kenai River.

As a Legislative Aide for a member of the Alaskan Legislature, Gary assisted in resolving constituent problems surrounding state fisheries issues, fire training protocols, Child Support Services, and Family Youth Services, as well as moving legislation through the Alaska Legislature. He also held a position as a sport fishing representative to the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council's Advisory panel.

After residing in Alaska for 27 years, Gary moved to Redding where he married his high school sweetheart. His interest in local government prompted him to attend numerous meetings including but not limited to those of the Redding City Council, Shasta County Board of Supervisors, Shasta Local Agency Formation Commission, and the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency. He also held a position on the Redding Electric Utility Billing Review Committee, the Redding Traffic Impact Fee Committee, and the Redding Streets and Roads Work Group Committee. In November 2012, Gary was successfully elected as a council member for a four-year term on the Redding City Council.

Liaison Assignments: For 2013, Gary serves as City Council liaison to the Development Services Department, the Planning Commission, and Shasta County Remote Access Network (RAN) Advisory. He serves as alternate on the following: Airport Land Use Commission, Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee, Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (City Representative), and Veteran's Home. As do all the Council Members, Councilor Cadd serves on the Redding Area Bus Authority Board, Redding Capital Services Corporation, Redding Housing Authority Commission, Redding Joint Powers Financing Authority, the Redding Municipal Library Board, and the Successor Agency to the Redding Redevelopment Agency.

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