City of Redding Mission Statement

Provide a high quality of life, remembering that families and neighborhoods are the centerpiece of our lives; the Redding Community will remain clean and safe and will work aggressively to prevent sprawl through careful community development, planning, and smart growth. The City is seen as proactive rather than reactive by focusing on what type of City we would like to be in the future and taking the necessary steps to assure we reach our goals.

City of Redding Vision Statement

Our vision is:
  • To protect and enhance the City's reputation as the "Jewel of Northern California."
  • To attract and support quality job growth.
  • To build neighborhoods rather than homes.
  • To have a well-managed City that is in sound financial condition and one in which there is strong leadership that values good governance.
  • To provide excellent public services and infrastructure to promote a clean and attractive community.
  • To support steps to create a vibrant downtown and river front.
  • To assure parks, trails, and open space.
  • To support programs that connect the City's unique natural beauty and rich history.

City Council Links

About City Council

Mayor - Francie Sullivan

Kristen Schreder

Gary Cadd

Vice Mayor - Missy McArthur

Brent Weaver


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