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20055 Viking Way, Building 3

P.O. Box 496071

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Welcome to Redding Municipal Utilities' Traffic Operations Division

Our Goal:

"To move people and goods efficiently and safely, with environmental compatibility, using the application of technology and scientific principles to the planning, operations, and management of facilities for any mode of transportation."

Our Services:

  • Evaluate requests for traffic control devices such as traffic signals, stop signs, warning signs, and crosswalks.
  • Capture and maintain traffic counts of City streets.
  • Maintain on-street parking and off-street parking lots.
  • Analyze vehicle accident data to identify traffic safety issues.
  • Perform USA locates to identify underground utilities.
  • Install and maintain street name signs.


Public safety is our highest priority, but we all need to cooperate in keeping our streets safe for everyone.  Annually, the Traffic Operations Division investigates hundreds of service requests, suggestions and complaints as quickly as possible.  We value your input and appreciate your patience and understanding while addressing

your concerns and answering your questions.  We are proud to serve the community and help make the City of Redding a safer place to live and work.


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