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Become an Adopt-a-Street, Park or Trail Sponsor!

The City of Redding has established an adoption program to encourage individuals, families, businesses, and service organizations to get involved in community beautification.  Streets, parks, and trails (such as the river trails) can all be adopted.  Your group must agree to clean up the area you've adopted a minimum of four times each year. The Solid Waste Utility will loan you the appropriate equipment: garbage bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, and safety signs. When you do your cleanup, simply bag any litter that you pick up and leave the bags on the side of the road or in an area we can get to with a collection vehicle. Our employees will retrieve the bags, along with any bulky items you find (tires, mattresses, etc.) on the next business day following your cleanup. After your first cleanup, we will install a small street sign indicating that you or your organization are the proud sponsor for this adopted street, park or trail.

Are you ready to become a sponsor? Once you've decided whether you'd like to adopt a street, park or trail, take the steps listed below:

Step 1: Call the Solid Waste Utility at 224-6206 for Streets, OR

Call the Community Services Department at 225-4104 for Parks or Trails

to see if the area you want to adopt is available. You may request an application packet be sent to you in the mail OR you may download the forms online. The forms you will need can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Just find the column you're intersted in, then click on the corresponding links.


Conditions of Participation

Conditions of Participation



Step 2:  Carefully review the forms. Complete and return the application and the Waiver of Liability.  All participants must sign the Waiver of Liability each and every time they participate in a clean up event. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign on their behalf.

Step 3: Reserve the equipment for your clean up date. Call Public Works Supervisor, Nathan Cannon, at 224-6206 to get on the calendar to reserve the equipment and set up a date to pick up the equipment. You can also email Nathan at  Plan ahead. We have a limited amount of equipment available and multiple groups may want to do a cleanup on the same date. We will try to accommodate everyone but scheduling at least two weeks in advance is the best way to get the equipment on your first choice of dates.

Step 4: Pick up the equipment. Bring a vehicle large enough to accommodate all of the equipment. Pickup trucks, station wagons and vehicles with large cargo space are best.

Step 5: Do your cleanup.

Step 6: Return the equipment. Please return the equipment the next business day following your cleanup event. This will help us catalog the equipment and make sure it is available for the next group.

Cleaning Up Enterprise Park at Kid's Kingdom

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