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Picking up green waste with an automated side load Green Waste Recycling truck
Picking up greenwaste with an automated side-load Green Waste Recycling truck.

Compost Facts & Figures

The City of Redding operates a 4.5 acre compost facility at the Transfer Station on Abernathy Lane.  At this facility, the City processes approximately 18,000 tons of greenwaste material each year.  Much of the material is ground, placed in "Ag Bags" and processed into a finished compost product in as little as 4 months.  The woodier materials, such as lumber and pallets, are chipped into wood chips and sent to Wheelabrator Shasta Energy Corporation in Anderson, where it is burned to create energy.

The Solid Waste Utility offers automated curbside green waste collection.  Single-family households can have up to two free green waste carts per residence.  City green waste trucks, commercial self-haulers and residential self-haul customers all use the compost facility.  You can leave the composting to us, or you might want to start your own compost bin.  For ideas on home composting and grasscycling, click here. Compost makes an excellent soil amendment - especially for the acidic soil in Shasta County.  You can buy finished compost in almost any quantity - from the 5 gallon bucket (bring your own bucket) to five cubic yards or even larger orders (delivery may be available on 10 cubic yards or more.) If you're not sure how much compost you need to buy, check out our compost quantity calculator. Although the facility is open until 4:30 p.m., purchases of 1/2 cubic yard or more are only loaded until 4:00 p.m.

Bulk Compost Prices (You Pick Up)
7.5 % Sales Tax
Total Price
5 gallon bucket $2.33
30 Gallon Can $6.74
1/2 Cubic Yard $13.49
1 - 4 Cubic Yards $26.98/Cu.Yd.
5 or more Cubic Yards (per visit) $24.19/Cu. Yd

Delivered Compost Prices

(Only within Redding city limits or within 5 miles of the Transfer Station)

7.5 % Sales Tax
Delivery Fee
Total Price
10 Cubic Yards
15 Cubic Yards


20 Cubic Yards


30 Cubic Yards




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