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Updated: 05/21/15

Projects Currently Bidding:


Downtown Promenade Public Restroom Remodel

Bid Schedule No. 4705 (Job. No. 8657-34)

Engineer: Corri Vandiver @ (530) 245-7120

Engineer Estimate:$59,000

Bid Opening: June 18, 2015 @ 3:00pm

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Cape Seal Project 2015

Bid Schedule No. 4728 (Job. No. 2470)

Engineer: Josh Watkins @ (530) 225-4181

Engineer Estimate:$1,615,000

Bid Opening: June 1, 2015 @ 3:00pm

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Bid Results:

Old Alturas Road Widening

Bid Schedule No. 4717 (Job. No. 2415)

Engineer: Corri Vandiver @ (530) 245-7120

Engineer Estimate:$1,485,000

Apparent Low Bidder: JF Shea @ $1,194,928

Second Low Bidder: Stimpel Wiebelhaus Assoc. @ $1,194,064

Third Low Bidder: Sunrise Excavating @ $1,248,516.65

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Redding Power Units 1, 2 & 3 2015 Cable Trench and Conduit Project

Bid Schedule No. 4722 (Job. No. 9237-21, 22, & 23)

Engineer: Chris Hanna @ (530) 339-7321

Engineer Estimate:$175,000

Apparent Low Bidder: The Builder, Inc. @ $178,607

Second Low Bidder: Gregory Equipment @ $197,829

Third Low Bidder: SNL Group @ $222,600

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Buenaventura Blvd. Safety Project

Bid Schedule No. 4694 (Job. No. 2400)

Engineer: Darren Langfield @ (530) 225-4469

Engineer Estimate:$1,100,000

Apparent Low Bidder: RTA Construction, Inc. @ $876,668

Sub's: Bullert Industrial Electric, Apoly-A-Line, Muse Concreete, Statewide Traffic, BSS International, M & S Landscapes, Cobers Asphalt Maintenance, Eagle Paving

Second Low Bidder: Tullis, Inc. @ $882,570.20

Third Low Bidder: Stimpel Wiebelhaus @ $882,700

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