City of Redding Construction Standards (CORCS)

The City of Redding Construction Standards are provided for use by developers, engineers, contractors, property owners, local agencies, and operations staff to communicate the minimum and typical requirements for infrastructure within the City of Redding and area of influence.

Disclaimer - All revisions, additions, or deletions to the CORCS pages shall be posted on this website. It shall be the responsibility of all users of these standards to verify that they are using the most current revision as posted herein. These standards should only be used in conjunction with accepted industry practices, using professional engineering and/or surveying knowledge, experience and judgment. Any conflicts shall be clarified with appropriate City Engineering staff and/or verified in the field with City Inspection staff prior to use.

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Section 050 - Definitions & Specifications 135 KB
Section 100 - Streets 3.10 MB
Section 200 - Storm Drains 2.25 MB
Section 300 - Sanitary Sewer 1.21 MB
Section 400 - Water 2.28 MB
Section 500 - Electric 5.75 MB
Section 600 - Miscellaneous 1.28 MB
Section 700 - Grading & Landscaping 1.02 MB
Section 800 - Stormwater Management 540 KB
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