Service Request
The purpose of this form is to allow citizens to make inquiries or request repairs for street, traffic or storm drain related problems. Please complete the form by first selecting the type of service needed
Select one of the following:
Pavement Marking or Striping Concerns
Sidewalk Damage
Storm Drain - Blockages or Odors
Street Name Sign - Missing or Damaged
Traffic Sign - Missing or Damaged
Weed Abatement
Enter the date and time you observed the problem:
Enter the location of the problem
Cross Street
Please provide any additional information that would enable “City” personnel to respond more efficiently to the problem, e.g., additional detail on location, description of problem, and/or safety information.
In case additional information is needed regarding your request and/or to enable us to confirm receipt of your request, please provide the following:
Phone #
Mailing Addr.

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