Assistant Director of Public Works-Traffic Operations:  Chuck Aukland

Traffic Operations Manager:  John Abshier

Transportation Planner:  Sarah Grant       

Phone: (530) 225-4170

FAX:     (530) 245-7024

The Traffic Operations Division provides the following services:

  • Evaluates requests and recommends installation of traffic-control devices, such as traffic signals, stop signs, warning signs, speed-limit signs, crosswalks, and parking restrictions.
  • Performs and maintains speed studies.
  • Prepares radar studies related to the posting of speed limits.
  • Captures and maintains traffic counts for City streets.
  • Provides accident reconstruction data and drawings to assist the Police Department.
  • Performs field checks and measurements, and prepares maps and photographs for sight-distance evaluations.
  • Maintains city wide sign inventory and maintenance log.
  • Responds to citizen's inquiries on all traffic-related matters.

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